DESIS in the Mirror @5th STS Italia Conference

Amatterofdesign Design is a process that gives rise both to artifacts and to their accompanying social networks, those that are brought about by the artifacts as well as those that make the artifacts possible. On the other hand, design processes cannot be explained as the result of independent, rational choices by isolated individuals, whether designers, producers or users. They are, rather, collective processes in which humans and nonhumans interact. When science and technology studies meet the latest design thinking, new scenarios and new perspectives arise for both these research communities.  The 5th STS Italia Conference theme is design processes. 


“A Matter of Design. Making Society through Science and Technology”  by the Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano Doctoral Programme in Design – June 12 – 14, 2014,  Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

The process of designing the format DESIS in the Mirror has been presented at the STS Italia Conference by Federica D’Urzo.