DESIS in the Mirror @Eindhoven

desisphilosophytalk-eindhoven2DESIS in the Mirror has been at the DESIS Philosophy Talk #2.2-Storytelling & Social innovation at the Design Academy Eindhoven!

Can we consider the act of telling stories of social innovation a political action, as it opens up the idea of public realm as a place where decision making take place? Is storytelling in design for social innovation a poetic action, where the two dimensions of telling and making, as in the Greek idea of poiesis, are finally reconciled? Can we look at telling stories of emerging sustainable behaviours worldwide as a way to manifest what is at the margin of the mainstream of society and help its potentialities to be fully expressed? How can we as designers tell the stories of the margins respecting their complexity without oversimplifying them?


DESIS Philosophy Talk #2: Storytelling & Social innovation
Designers telling stories
March 12, 2014, Design Academy Eindhoven – The Netherlands

DESIS Network, Design Academy Eindhoven (Strategic Creativity Lab) – Heather Daam & Maartje van Gestel, Politecnico di Milano, Design Dep. (Imagis – POLIMI DESIS Lab) – Elisa Bertolotti & Francesca Piredda and MAD Faculty (Social Spaces CUO – DESIS Lab) – Virginia Tassinari