Interview with Andrés Burbano Valdes

Andrés Burbano Valdes (Bogotà, Colombia) with Andrea Mendoza, Elisa Bertolotti

18-07-2013 \\\ 7 am Bogotà (Colombia), 2 pm Milan (Italy)

Andres Burbano, originally from Colombia, explores the interactions of science, art, design and technology in various capacities: as a researcher, as an individual artist and in collaborations with other artists, designers, scientists and engineers. Burbano‘s work ranges from documentary video (in both science and art), sound and telecommunication art to the exploration of algorithmic cinematic narratives. The broad spectrum of his work illustrates the importance, indeed, the prevalence, of interdisciplinary collaborative work in the field of technological arts.

Andres Burbano is assistant professor in the Design and Architecture School at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia and holds a PhD in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California.​